The Tree House Bookshop – it’s official!

mier_prod-1 blueThings are definitely moving forwards now.  The name of my bookshop has been registered with Companies House, and the accountant I saw a couple of days ago is forming the company for me.  So exciting!  I will soon be a company director…who’d have thought it.  Then I will be able to open a business account at the bank, and other things will begin to fall into place – collecting funds together, negotiating the property I want to rent (someone else is doing that for me too, which is wonderful!), and at the moment the momentum is good.  I am seeing a solicitor on Friday (15th).

The name The Tree House was already registered as a business, so the shop will be called The Tree House Bookshop, which was available – though no doubt I will still keep referring to it unofficially as The Tree House.

I am so grateful to Richard Davies of Warwick District Council (soon to be its chairman, I believe) for contacting me when he heard about the venture, and supporting it and providing such brilliant contacts – it has all taken off since he became involved shortly before Christmas.  He has put me in touch with all the people who have made it happen and made it so much easier than I imagined it could be.

So – will no doubt write a celebratory post once the company has been formed and the little secondhand bookshop is a huge step closer to being up and running!