Speak, Brother

Here is the latest video from one of the Big Comfy Sessions.  I’ve already shared Speak, Brother’s wonderful version of their own song Dry Bones (follow that link for more of the sessions too); this is the cover version they did the same day (all performers are asked to sing one of their own songs and one cover version).  This is Peter Katz’s Son.  Beautiful.



The Big Comfy Bookshop will open at Fargo Village in Coventry on 27th September – in the meantime, we are loving having the Big Comfy Sessions at the Tree House!

Chains, ‘All Up To Me’ and groovy Saturdays

Gill Sans poster (2)Last Saturday, the fabulous Chains came and recorded a music video at the Tree House.  You may remember that Wes Finch came…then Speak, Brother came…and last weekend it was Chains’ turn to get the Big Comfy Sessions treatment.  They were fabulous, recording their own song All Up To Me and a beautiful cover of Carole King’s magical Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow.  Chains, aka Kate and Ben, are also very lovely people, which made it all the more wondrous.

The Big Comfy Bookshop will be opening in September at the new Fargo Village development in Coventry, and until then its owner Michael is using our shop as the venue for his Big Comfy Sessions.  They are filmed by Rob of  Redwood Photography under the aegis of Richard Harrison – it’s all very groovy, and I’ll miss it when the venture moves to its own premises!

Michael McEntee, owner of the Big Comfy Bookshop, has set up a crowdfunding project to help get his new premises off the ground, so do make a pledge if you’d like to support another community bookshop a bit like ours.  It’s great to have a new brother on the way!

But in the meantime, here are Chains – and for good measure, the previous two videos as well, as you can’t have too much grooviness on a Saturday, and they are all *amazing*.  How much fun can you have in a bookshop?  Loads, clearly.