Next art talk on Zoom: the mighty Holbein!

Next art talk is on Tuesday 12 July, 19:30 BST, and is on Holbein’s magnificent painting known as The Ambassadors, painted in 1533 and now in the National Gallery in London. Holbein is one of the great portrait painters in art history, and gave us the visual image we have of the court of Henry VIII. This painting, beneath its seemingly tranquil veneer, gives us insight into a turbulent and critical moment in European history. It is also an endlessly fascinating work visually, and is ripe for one of our close looking series. We focus on the visual details, zooming (in more ways than one!) in on details not just of what is there but how Holbein painted it. There will be an introduction to the painting and then a close look at those visual details. Open to all, accessible and informal, do join us if you can! See our Art Talks page for the ticket link.