Tai Chi and needlework at the Tree House

tree house windowThe Tree House is becoming the place to be in Kenilworth on Wednesday evenings, for those of a quieter persuasion!  A few weeks ago, Tree House volunteer Pauline Davies set up Nifty Needles, a group for those who do any kind of needlecraft to get together and stitch, chat and eat homemade cake.  Now, unexpectedly but rather wonderfully, Ernie Boxall of Balance Health and Fitness has begun to use the shop as a venue for his Tai Chi classes on Wednesday evenings too.  So last week we had people knitting, crocheting and embroidering on one side of the room, and a group of people doing Tai Chi on the other.  It worked well, and the gentle music accompanying the Tai Chi was appreciated by the stitchers too.  We also had Jonathan on the far side of the room putting together some shelving…it was all slightly surreal, but fun, and great to see the space being used.

So if you are a needleworker of any kind and would like to come along with your latest project, just turn up on Wednesday evening at 7pm.  It ends when people want to go home!  I would stress that this is a social group not a class, though I am sure people are willing to share tips.  There is a £2 charge to cover costs, including refreshments.

And if you would like to join the Tai Chi class, contact Ernie Boxall – the class is also at 7pm, for an hour, and the cost is £5.

More details via the Events tab above or on the Tree House Facebook page.