Film Club

There is a gathering every Friday evening to watch films (start time 7.30pm, doors 7pm).  The licence we have prohibits public advertising of the films we will be watching, but there is a film every Friday and some Sunday afternoons, with the potential for more.  You have to join our film club to watch films, or come as a guest of a member.

For this first year, it is £30 a year to join, to cover our costs.  The year runs from January to December, and reduces by £2.50 per month (regardless of what date in the month you join).  This covers as many films as you want to come and see.

BYOB; tea/coffee available £1 per cup.  You can bring snacks, as long as they are not noisy, and we will be offering snacks too in due course.

We aim to show old golden age Hollywood and British films of the 1940s/50s/60s, world cinema, independent and less accessible films.  There is room for the occasional popular blockbuster, but the emphasis is on things we don’t see very often.

Sign up below if you would like to be on the mailing list to be kept in touch with what’s going on.  Put Film Club in the comment area so that I know you specifically want info about films.