Live music

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Emily Barker ~ September 2016

Live music is the best!

Live music in small venues is worth preserving, so do support us and these fabulous musicians if you can.  They earn their living from performing live.  We host professional musicians, usually on national tours, sometimes one-off gigs, always top quality.  Ticket money goes to paying the musicians, and we hope to take a little for ourselves to cover costs.  We are not licensed, but you are welcome to bring your own alcohol – we have glasses – and we have tea (including herbal and decaffeinated) and coffee available.

It helps enormously if people book in advance, and if you spread the word – I can always provide a poster for a workplace or kitchen noticeboard, and sharing on social media is quick, easy and a huge help.

Tickets are sold at the bookshop and online (click on the links for online tickets).

Seating capacity is 32.


Sunday 8 September 2019, 8pm: Iona Fyfe  £11

Friday 13 September 2019: Greg Russell £12

Friday 4 October 2019: Andrew Waite  £11

Friday 18 October 2019: Peacock Angell, Songs of the Shipyard (tickets on sale soon)

Tuesday 19 November 2019: Will Pound  £11

Thursday 5 December 2019: Lucy Ward  £12