Art lectures

We have art lectures on Tuesdays, usually fortnightly, given by Tree House owner Dr Victoria Mier, who has a PhD in art history  from Bristol University and has lectured at universities and on a freelance basis.  Lectures are accessible and informal but open up questions and ideas that can be explored at a deeper level, depending on who comes!  Lectures last about an hour and a quarter, including time for questions and discussion (longer if people have lots of questions!).


People sometimes worry that the lectures sound very highbrow – but they really aren’t!  Yes, we look at some of the world’s greatest paintings, and often from a period that seems a bit obscure to some (my specialisation is the Northern Renaissance, though I lecture on other areas, usually with some connection to Northern Europe and the northern tradition), but the lectures make the paintings accessible, and are informal and assume no prior knowledge (but there is enough content for those with deeper knowledge too).

Lectures start at 8pm.  There is a charge of £8 (on the door), which includes tea/coffee.