Cicero Boxes

If you have a library and a garden, you have all that you need. (2)


A monthly subscription scheme: books and flower seeds in the post each month.

Roman orator and philosopher Cicero said that if you have a library and a garden, you have all that you need; at the Tree House, we completely agree with him.

So we now run a subscription box scheme called Cicero Boxes.  For £10 inc. P&P (by standing order), you will receive a box in the post each month containing two second-hand books (picked by us), a bookmark, an edible treat and a few flower seeds, from wonderful Higgledy Garden.  There is a website that gives you all you need to know about growing flowers from seed and the specific seeds you will receive.  You can plant these in pots or in a garden, or share them with friends.  Growing things is as amazing for the soul as reading is for the mind.

A single box by post costs £12 (inc. P&P).

We will also sell the boxes in the shop for £8.  We will only make a few up at a time, but can make them to order at any time.

Sign up below!  Treat yourself, or buy as a gift for a friend.  I will reply to your message with bank details, and anything else you need to know.