Book Clubs

tree house figure reverseWe have three book clubs at the Tree House – two that read general fiction (very occasionally non-fiction), one that focuses on dystopian fiction and films.  The evening one meets at the bookshop on the first Thursday of each month at 8pm and the daytime one on the first Friday of the month at 10.30am, and the dystopian one meets on the first Friday evening of the month at 8pm.

At all of them, we discuss a particular book and then choose what to read for next time.  At the two general book clubs, we read a mixture of classic and contemporary fiction.  For the evening one, we choose two books – you can choose which one to read, or read both if you have time.

Cost is £5 for the evening ones, £4 for the daytime one, including refreshments (there’s wine at the evening one!) and a £2 book voucher.  However, don’t be put off by cost – if you would like to come but don’t feel able to pay the subs, please get in touch.  All very welcome, even if you haven’t read the book but would like to find out more.


 Thursday 18 May, 8pm: Evening book club.

Two books to choose from (or read both!):

Sarah Perry, The Essex Serpent

Annie Proulx, The Shipping News

Cost: £5


Friday 2 June, 10.30am: Daytime Book Club.

Sarah Perry, The Essex Serpent

Cost: £4



Friday 2 June, 8pm: Dystopian Book Club.  (The books are dystopian, not the club)

Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid’s Tale

Cost: £5