Art talks

I am an art historian as well as owing a second-hand bookshop. I used to do face to face talks at the bookshop, and then during covid lockdowns I started doing talks via Zoom (thanks to Mandy who showed me how!). I am resurrecting the Zoom talks – one day I might resurrect the face to face talks, we’ll see! You can follow me on Eventbrite – Dr Victoria Mier – if you want emails detailing future talks.

I am starting with a series looking at individual paintings in close detail. A bit about the painting, its history and context, and then a close look at its finer details. This is intended as part of a wider question of thinking about HOW a painting is made and what that can teach us about practice and ideals of picture-making.

Jan van Eyck, Virgin and Child with Chancellor Rolin, c.1435 (Paris, Louvre)

Thursday 30 June, 7:30pm (UK time): Jan van Eyck, The Virgin & Child with Chancellor Rolin

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