Book donations

th2We are not a charity, but we are non-profit, and any profits we make go to charity – though most of our income supports ourselves in trying to provide an asset to the community.  We work very close to the financial edge, as we try to keep our prices as low as possible – our aim is to make books accessible, though we also believe books have genuine value.  We have very limited cashflow, and we don’t buy books, but we are very grateful for donations.  Not everything sells well, and we have limited space, so there are some books we love more than others – the following list is a guide, but we are happy to take any books you care to donate.  We also sell DVDs and CDs, so we welcome donations of those too.

We ask that books are in good enough condition to sell – a bit battered is fine, but water damaged or dirty books are not, and obviously books with pages falling out, children’s books that have been coloured in or sticker books where the stickers have already been used, are not.  Don’t store books in sheds and garages – it ruins them.  I’m also not overly keen on being showered with woodlice when I open the boxes!  Haha.  Don’t use black bin bags to store or transport books – they get damaged.

We don’t have an easy way of disposing of books, and it creates a huge amount of work if we get large donations of things that we can’t sell.  Of course that’s always going to be part of the job, but if we can minimise that side of our workload, it frees us up to do the more constructive stuff!

Books we don’t want at all:

Readers’s Digest compilations, encyclopaedias, Guinness Book of Records, novelty books.

Celebrity biographies

Books we don’t really want:




Books we really want:

Fiction – all kinds, but we’re always short of literary fiction and classics (modern and older)

Children’s, especially fiction and picture books for small children – our children’s section is very popular, and we price books so that children can afford to buy them with pocket money, and parents can afford to stock up!

Young adult fiction

History and politics

Philosophy – a very good seller, Kenilworth is clearly a thoughtful town!




But if you can get your books to us, we are happy to take them!  We don’t have transport, but if you are stuck in terms of delivering books to us, get in touch and we will try to arrange something.

Tel. 01926 855436