Live music in September

I have been cautious about booking live music since the lockdowns, as you know, and not sure at all I had the energy now to carry on with it – it’s tough organising, promoting and hosting as a solo venue owner, despite some lovely help on the nights (usually!) from volunteers. But I am being lured back in by the music itself…and the three gigs we’ve had since things opened up again have been fabulous. I am still uncertain about the future, but we do have a wondrous gig coming up in September, with Will Pound & Jenn Butterworth. Go to our Live Music page for more info and booking information – I am only selling tickets online at the moment. Hope you can make it!

4 thoughts on “Live music in September

  1. Hi Victoria,

    Would some sponsorship money help take some of the risk away?

    I am always looking to give back to those communities that have supported me and even though I left Kenilworth in 1980, I still visit frequently (my mother still lives there!) and look upon it fondly.

    My business recently sponsored a musical event in Coventry, we ask for nothing in return but it’s nice if someone mentions the company name!

    Get in touch if you’re interested, if not, all the very best for the future.

    With kind regards,



  2. Steve, that’s such a kind offer! I think this one will sell OK as Will has a big local following, but would love to chat about one of next year’s gigs. Could you email me, just to make it easier to follow up? Thank you so much again for this! victoria @


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