One more cup of coffee for the road…

Most mornings I have that ‘really don’t want to go to work’ struggle. I love being at home. And as soon as I leave the house I have the ‘really don’t want to go to work’ struggle even more, because then I encounter people, and I don’t like people. I went to Sainsbury’s this morning – 9am on a Saturday morning, I have never done that before and never will again…ugh, people. But I needed stuff for lunch, and snacks for Eurovision tonight! Ahem. Anyway, I am now at my little bookshop and very happy to be here. It is a little haven away from the chaos out there. Of course there are people, but they are almost all nice, they come in a few at a time, and nearly all (not quite all but nearly) have one thing in common with me: they have some level of interest in reading books. Anyway, it’s good to be running this lovely place, and it’s a fab place to spend my days given that I do have to go to work, and one of the things I love is that it is shelter from the storm. (Hope you are getting the Bob Dylan references here – I have put a truly stunning performance below to help you get one of them!) The whole reason for this post – why do I witter so much when I start typing? – is to post my favourite internet meme of the moment (apart from the ones lampooning the Tories, but the Tories are a big part of the chaos, so they are covered by this). Drink your coffee and read your books – I am off to make a pot of Monsoon Estates‘ finest.

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