It may seem early, but it isn’t really!

I used to think no one should talk about Christmas until 1 December. Keep it special – don’t ruin the magic. I adore Christmas, and at 57 I still feel that magic, even just saying the word. However, that was before I was in retail! You have to plan ahead when you are running a business that wants to provide Christmas stuff. So…it’s time to start taking orders for our ever-popular Advent calendars of books.

These calendars are 24 secondhand books, individually wrapped, one to open each day in Advent. We don’t do a Christmas Day one, as I presume most people will have other things to open on Christmas Day. But Advent calendars build the excitement through December, and having a book to unwrap each day is an extra-exciting idea.

We can make them for any age, from babies to ancients, and we take note of any particular likes or, perhaps more importantly, dislikes. We can’t be too specific, as we never know what we will have in stock, but we do tailor-make each one according to general tastes.

Prices as follows:

0-12: £15

12-15: £18

16 and over: £25

This is to do with reading age more than actual age, so let us know if your 15-year-old would like a set of adult fiction, or if your 11-year-old prefers YA to MG, etc.

These are intended to be bundles of fiction books – it’s much harder, from our stock, to put together packs of 24 suitable non-fiction books, but do get in touch if you prefer non-fiction and I will tell you if it’s possible.

We can post them, please let me know when ordering if they are to be posted – I will let you know what the postage costs would be. We can only post them within the UK.

Use the form below to order or for further details.

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