Cicero Boxes even cheaper in January!

If you have a library and a garden, you have all that you need.We have a special offer on our Cicero Boxes until the end of the month.  What a great pick-me-up for these wintry, post-Christmas days!  Two second-hand books, a few flower seeds from the wonderful Higgledy Garden, some chocolate and a bookmark.  They are called Cicero Boxes because Cicero said that if you have a garden and a library, you have all that you need (we decided to throw in chocolate as well, and he seems to have forgotten the coffee and the single malt, but hey, the Romans didn’t know everything).  You can grow the seeds in window boxes, containers, flower pots, etc, if you don’t have a garden.

You can buy single boxes for £10 inc P&P, or subscribe for £9pcm.  Cheaper for locals who prefer to collect from the bookshop.  Not a huge reduction, but a chance to try one!  Have a look at the page herefor more information and to order one or get in touch.