The C word…


It’s 3 Septembetreer, surely too early to mention Christmas…for me, Christmas is OK from 1 December, but decorations don’t go up until later, and the Christmas tree is decorated on Christmas Eve.  There is then that blissful time between Christmas Eve and 2 January when I hibernate and enjoy all the Christmassy stuff.  The only thing I really like earlier than about a week before Christmas is the music – I love Christmas music.

However…when you’re in retail, you just have to think about Christmas much too early.  For us, the only reason for that is our Advent calendars, which take the form of 24 books individually wrapped, one to open each day in December up to Christmas

Eve.  They are always a huge hit, and we have to start early to make sure we can fill all the orders – last year we ran out of books and had other problems, but this year I feel we are better prepared!


So I am launching our Advent calendars of books now.  If you would like to order one, get in touch.  We can post, but this takes a bit of organisation and we have to add postage costs – enquire if you would like books posted and I can work out the extra cost, it probably won’t be as high as you think.

As ever, we divide them by price into age groups:

0-10: £13 (though books for small babies are harder – we don’t get many!)

11-16: £15

advent books

Adult (17 and over): £27

We choose generally fiction; for adults they are fiction only, our non-fiction stock is too hit and miss to make these work.  Sometimes we will put a fun non-fiction book into the children’s collections.

We can do shared ones too – divide 24 by the number of people and wrap each person’s books in different paper.

You can use the box below (give details of which ages you would like to order for), email us or call into the shop if you would like to order one.