Books, subscriptions and Advent calendars

advent booksOur rent is due at the weekend, and this month has been a quiet one – we’d love to sell a few more books by Friday!  If you’re local, come and buy books – we have a new coffee machine too, which does a range of coffees and hot chocolate.  We also have lovely greetings cards, handmade by two of our regular craft group members and by another local crafter, plus others by a local painter.  Some of the money from cards this week is going to Macmillan – we have a Macmillan coffee morning on Friday 29th from 11am.

If you’re not local, you can still buy from us!  This week we are offering two paperback novels in the post for £5 all in – see if we have what you want, or let us surprise you.

We also have our Tree House Box of Treasures scheme – a monthly subscription, but you can also buy individual boxes.  In each box you get a book, a bookmark and a postcard, plus three other book or Tree House Bookshop related items, and a mini magazine – it’s great fun!  Subs are £10 a month including postage, individual boxes are £12.  There is still time to get a September box up to the end of this week!  Or you can subscribe for October (October boxes will be ready in a couple of weeks).  Go to our Box of Treasures page for more info and to order.

We also have our book club on Thursday evening and open mic on Saturday evening, £3 for each of these, and both are always a good night, thanks to the lovely people who come along.  New  faces always very welcome!

We are also now taking orders for our popular Advent book calendars – 24 individually wrapped books, one to open each day in December up to Christmas Eve.  Much more substantial and rewarding than normal Advent calendars, at very reasonable prices – see our Advent calendar page for details and for a form to send if you would like to order one (or more!).  Available for all ages, 0 to adult.  We’ve even received an order for a baby who hasn’t been born yet!

In the longer term, if you shop online, you can help us every time you make a purchase with many  online retailers and service providers (including holiday sites, insurance companies and more).  Just sign up to (that link will take you directly to the Tree House page!), and once you’ve registered, that’s it.  It doesn’t cost you anything, the retailers just make a donation each time you spend. (Amazon and eBay need you to go through the easyfundraising site, but you just add an icon to your browser bar, and it’s easy – others pick up the connection automatically).  Every penny helps, especially if lots of people support us in this way – and with Christmas coming up, it could all add up to a really useful contribution!

5 thoughts on “Books, subscriptions and Advent calendars

  1. “If you’re not local, you can still buy from us! This week we are offering two paperback novels in the post for £5 all in – see if we have what you want, or let us surprise you.”

    I’d like to buy from your website, but i can’t see how I see what you have in stock… is there a way to browse your inventory? thanks!


    • We don’t have an online inventory, I’m afraid – we haven’t generally sold online/by mail other than by subscription schemes. This is just an attempt to raise some funds by Friday, so thought people might have things they were looking for, or just order something as a surprise as a bit of fun. I will embrace online selling more robustly, but for now there isn’t an online catalogue. Thanks for asking though! Victoria


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