Art lectures at the Tree House

In my past life, I was an art history lecture – at Bristol University, the Open University, as a freelance lecturer and for Oxford University (summer schools, dayschools and the like) – I still edit and tutor online courses at Oxford.  Art is very much part of what the Tree House is about, and I’ve always given lectures – mostly on my specialist subject, which is the Northern Renaissance, but on a few other things too.  I am currently giving lectures on Tuesday evenings – they are a great way to get to know a bit more about art, or just spend an hour or so looking at beautiful images in congenial and stimulating company – even when the audiences is small, people are always thought-provoking!  This Tuesday, 25 July, I am focusing on my PhD subject – the extraordinary sculpture produced in Germany in the Renaissance period.  So different from their Italian counterparts – they were contemporaries of the very much more famous Michelangelo – these sculptors carved beautiful but often strange (to our eyes) works in wood.  There is a beautiful example at Compton Verney, so we have some local interest.  The images here are a snapshot of the three most significant of the sculptors, but if you want to find out more, come along on Tuesday evening.  Lectures start at 8pm, and the cost is £8 including tea or coffee.  They are informal in tone and last about an hour, plus time for questions at the end.  Next Tuesday, 1 August, we’ll be looking at how Vermeer, a painter much-loved today, drew on the earlier painters in the Netherlands, who created a very strong Northern tradition in the fifteenth century.

But for now – my beloved German sculptors!  Would love to see you on Tuesday evening.

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