Urgent appeal!


We need to raise at least £1000 urgently.  It’s been a difficult few months, as you’ll have gathered, not helped by me not being too well, and we have debts to clear.  I’ve set up a fundraising page – options for both locals and non-locals – do have a look, and even if you can’t help, spreading the word would be wonderful. If you can give just £3, that would help so much – or check the other options for spending a bit more – books, book vouchers, monthly schemes.

And here’s our lovely video made by Lewis Smith of one of our Tree House Sessions to give a flavour of why we’re worth supporting! So many friendships made here, so much to offer the town in terms of books, the arts generally and a place to come together.

1 thought on “Urgent appeal!

  1. Oh dear. Not good. Have retweeted. I appreciate that you have an immediate need, but have you thought abut reinstating the Sponsorship packages? We would be more than happy to restart our £50/month payment in return for some promo on your website/on SM/in the shop. If you were able to get a few others on board too, then that would help bring in some regular money (as well as an initial cash injection now). It never really had chance to get promoted widely before the takeover, so I’m sure that there would be interest from other local businesses. Let me know! Gx 


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