Tree House Sessions

Our regular open mic evenings – known as the Tree House Sessions – are wonderful.  A full evening of varied music, poetry, storytelling and great conviviality, all for £3, which even includes a £2 voucher to spend in the shop and a cup of tea/coffee.  They are run by the incredibly lovely Lewis Smith and Charlotte Thomas, who aim to host them fortnightly – this doesn’t work exactly, but almost, and they have built up a great core of regulars with new people coming along all the time.

We had one on Saturday 9 April, and it was particularly good – partly because the fabulous Kitty Macfarlane, who played at our very first open mic back in the old shop and is now making a very good name for herself on the professional folk scene, came along to play a few tunes, but it was a great night overall.  We laughed, we cried, we sang (or hummed!) accompaniments, we chatted and enjoyed some excellent music and poetry.

Lewis brought his camera and filmed the proceedings, and has made this lovely video, with one of Kitty’s songs from her new EP as the theme.  It captures the spirit of the evening beautifully.

If you would like to perform at an open mic, just email Lewis and Charlotte at, and if you would like to join our band of eager listeners, just turn up.  It’s £3 for performers and listeners alike.  The audience is always very supportive and encouraging, and the atmosphere is always fantastic.

In the meantime, watch this lovely film – thank you, Lewis!

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