Charity of the Month

blind dateWe bill ourselves as a non-profit venture, with any profits we make going to charity.  The truth is that we have yet to make any profit!  So until we do, we have occasional events such as coffee mornings to raise a few funds.  We are also starting this year to support a different charity each month, a range of local and national charities.

Our charity of the month for January is the Warwickshire and Northamptonshire Air Ambulance.

We have resurrected our Blind Date with a Book idea (not just novels any more, we will be including some non-fiction), and these will be part of our charity fundraising.  These are ready-wrapped books, and all we put on the outside is the genre.  They are £1.50, of which 50p goes to the charity of the month, and they now have the added excitement of a surprise voucher in each one!  Some may just have a 50p voucher for the bookshop, others contain a voucher for a free film admission, some give money off music gigs, and so on.

More info on fundraising events as we devise them!

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