A second-hand Christmas is as good as new!

tree house badgeSecond-hand bookshops may not be everyone’s first port of call for Christmas gifts, but there are all sorts of things to be found here.  We often have books in excellent condition, and personally I’m always happy to receive second-hand books even if they are a bit rough round the edges.  Lots of books are no longer in print, and it’s a lovely way to spend an hour or two, browsing the shelves and finding unexpected treasures and pleasures.  A paperback book makes a great stocking filler, and they are inexpensive enough for children to spend their pocket money on if they are looking to buy gifts for parents or other relatives and friends.

As do our badges – we now have some Christmas-themed ones as well as our own Tree House ones and other literary inspirations, and we can customise them to order as long as what you want fits into a 25mm diameter circle!  They are just 50p.

You could also buy someone a Tree House voucher, to any amount you like.  These can be redeemed against books or films (but not our other events, which have to be carefully budgeted).

You could also, if you want to pay a bit more, subscribe someone to our Mail Order Book Club or local membership (whereby you pay a certain amount each month and get a voucher to that amount to spend on books).  The Mail Order club involves getting surprise books in the post each month – what larks, Pip!

So do think about us when you’re doing your Christmas shopping.  We are currently open Monday to Saturday, and will be open late on Friday 27th November for the Warwick Road Christmas lights switch-on – there may be a few crafts on sale then and the urn will be steaming away, with a few edible treats as well no doubt.

Hope to see you soon!

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