Eventful times

abbey fields

It’s been a strange week – I blame the Strange Face!  Our wonderful event last Friday has been followed by a week of not feeling at all well, and the shop has been mostly closed as a consequence.  One thing I did was to sit in Abbey Fields for an hour or so, something I rarely get the chance to do, and the fresh air and the smell of grass and eating my lunch outdoors were wonderful – I love all the trees there, and the fact that they have left part of the grass to grow wild – hurray!

Huge thanks to Angela who opened the shop on Thursday and even made cake before she came, and to Ginny who helped out – it was quite a busy day, thanks to the warm weather and the market.  We’re back to normal from Friday – well, the bookshop is, not sure about me!

I have been thinking a lot about events since the amazing Strange Face evening.  We have only had a few events since we reopened, but they have all been fabulous – have a look at the Events page for a few photos.  I am going to try and get together an events committee, to pool ideas and contacts and spread the load of organisation.  If you’re interested in being part of that, do get in touch – we need both people with ideas and also people who can help put them into practice – they may not be the same people, but it would be great to bring a few people together!  Email victoria@treehousebookshop.co.uk if you’d like to get involved.

Our next event is on 17 July – wonderful singer Daria Kulesh will be singing for us, should be a fantastic evening.  More soon, but have a look at her website or find her on youtube.  Just £5 – tickets now on sale, advance purchase is always good!

Meanwhile here is a video I’ve been meaning to share.  We had the gorgeous Ailsa Tully come and sing for us with her electric cello a couple of weeks back – only about ten people came, which was a shame as she was *brilliant*, but those ten had a great time.  Ailsa’s boyfriend Joe filmed one of the songs and they sent me the video – enjoy.  And when we get her back at some point in the future, come and hear her live!  Come to all our events – they are wonderful.


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