Which day should we close?

th2I am trying to decide which days to open when we move into our new premises.  I plan to open the shop six days a week, and had thought I would open Monday-Saturday and close on Sundays.  But perhaps Sunday is a good day to be open for a bit – and Monday a good day to be closed (lots of other Kenilworth shops close on Mondays, and it’s a day when other facilities are open that I could take advantage of on my day off!).

As a customer, would you prefer our cosy bookshop to be open on Sundays (couple of hours’ quiet reading after lunch, perhaps, or a cup of tea and a browse of the bookshelves after a stroll in Abbey Fields…) or would you be more likely to visit us on a Monday?  Please reply to our poll below!

2 thoughts on “Which day should we close?

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