‘Just remember what was yours is everyone’s from now on…’

Many of you will have heard by now that we have to vacate our current premises by the end of December.  Six weeks is not long to find an alternative, and the likely scenario is that we will have to close temporarily – I hope, at least, that it will be temporary.

It is going to be difficult to find new premises that are suitable and that we can afford, but we want to try – there is still so much I want to do at and with the Tree House Bookshop, and things have really started to go well in the last three months or so, with lots of exciting things planned for next year.

Most importantly, there is a wonderful community of people who use the Tree House regularly, who have made friends with each other through it, who contribute so much to what it has become.  It would be very hard to break this apart!  The bookshop can downsize, and it can always still be a meeting place however small, but the events we have run – the film nights, the music gigs, the recently-established open mic nights, the lectures and more – have been crucial to fostering this sense of community, and we need a big enough space to continue to host these events.

So we are looking for new premises in Kenilworth.  In the meantime, we are going to spend our last few weeks at Abbey End making the most of what we have, and doing a bit of fundraising so that we have as strong a financial position as possible when it comes to securing a new site.

When we first opened, a friend gave me this lovely song by Wilco as my signature song, and one that seemed appropriate to this venture of setting up what many thought was a crazy idea.  Who buys books?  How will it ever work?  It turns out that (as I always knew) lots of people buy books, and it works because it draws people together.  Much of the main street of Kenilworth is taken up by restaurants, charity shops and estate agents, and we have been able to offer something a bit different in the centre of town.

Local independent businesses are closing all the time, and we are sad to be the latest to be forced out.  But the idea itself of the Tree House is working, it’s not that we are leaving because we’ve failed – and while it’s hard to stay positive at times, I keep thinking of this song and all it has meant, and I still believe there will be a way for us to carry on.

We will stay open late on Friday 28 November for the Christmas lights switch-on in Warwick Road, so call in and see us!  And come to one of our events – open mic on 29 November, Folk Night on 6 December, It’s a Wonderful Life at Film Club on 18 December, Haddo at Christmas on 20 December and more…look at our Events page for more information.  Hope to see you soon!

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