It’s a sign!

sign 2

Thanks to the lovely Emma Powell (and her generous Dad who provided the paint), we now have a bookshop sign!  We no longer pretend to be a Job Centre!  Emma will in due course make a sign with a bit more info on it to go in the other empty part of the fascia, but she’s done a wonderful job creating a simple but effective sign, using the figure from the shop logo and the shop colours.  It’s perfect.

Many thanks to Paul, Tom and Vicki who installed it.

And to Secret Kenilworth, who interviewed me a while back and put out a call for help with the sign, to which Emma responded.


2 thoughts on “It’s a sign!

    • What a lovely thought. I wouldn’t call us a cafe though…we do have tea and coffee available, but it’s essentially just an urn and a box of teabags!


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