Atlum Schema

tree house windowBack at the end of March, we were honoured at the Tree House to host the launch of Year 0, the new album by Atlum Schema, aka the lovely Andy Mort.  The launch was a live internet stream – I spent part of the evening in the office watching it on my laptop so that I could see my bookshop being streamed live around the world!  There were people in Brazil watching, I forget where else…  But I only did that for a bit and for the fun of it, as the main thrill was experiencing a great night of live music at the bookshop.  It was organised and filmed by Rob of Redwood Photography and Richard Harrison, who have also been filming the Big Comfy Sessions that I’ve posted about before.

Andy has now edited the footage of the evening and has released videos of some of the songs – here are three.  It really was a fabulous night – the music was beautiful, as you can now hear, and see how pretty the Tree House looked!  We must get hold of lots of fairy lights…


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