Our household gods.  Not to be messed with.

Our household gods. Not to be messed with.














Not such a good day today.  Not usually here on a Sunday morning, but was looking for a quiet  place to get some work done (I do some academic work alongside the bookshop), and discovered the till and laptop missing from the shop.  £60 float in the till, which may not sound a lot but is a day’s takings, and the laptop was fairly new.  The worst part is that the building now feels vulnerable – we think we know how they got in (we certainly know how they got out), so security can be tightened, but it’s not a great feeling.  And the value of the stolen goods, in terms of us replacing them, is around £550, which we certainly don’t have.

So we will be working without a till for a bit, and I will be bringing my laptop from home.  I should have been less complacent about the chances of someone breaking in!  It could have been so much worse – no damage to the building, so no repairs, and nothing else of value for anyone to steal, and I don’t think there was anything precious on the laptop that isn’t backed up, so we’ll survive – just a bit of a blow after starting to feel so positive again!

Anyway, if you see signs of heightened security in the way we operate – including possibly being a bit less hospitable in terms of letting people come in to use the loo! – please bear with us.

There’s always something.  Here’s some Nick Cave magic to cheer us all up.  We No Who U R.  He’s scary and he’s on our side, so if anyone out there feels like burgling us again, you’ll have him to answer to!  And Warren Ellis.  You’ve been warned.

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