So needy!

Thank you to Ben Cook and Lyle Jackson for writing and designing this.  The poster is in our window, in case you've never noticed!

Now that we are marching on with confidence (ahem…), there are lots of things that need doing in the shop.  Sadly many of them involve money, of which we don’t have very much, but I thought I would post a list here of items and services that we need, just in case anyone has things lying around or a wants to help in any way.  We will of course just buy and do things as we can afford to, but there’s no harm in asking!  I’m getting cheekier in my old age.

I would also like to plan a work party soon – we have some picture frames to paint, I’d like to paint a blackboard on the wall where we could write the events that are happening, and a few other bits and pieces that need doing; it will probably be a Sunday, so let me know if you’d be interested and we’ll get a date sorted out.  I have paint (for frames and blackboard).

Anyway, here is the list, and if you have any other bits and pieces that you think we might be able to use either practically or for decoration, we’d be grateful!  I will also do a trawl of the local charity shops, but it’s hard to find time at the moment.

Things the shop needs:

Fairy lights (inc. one set of flashing ones)

Two platform trolleys


Low bookcases (freestanding)

Lamps – floor, table, desk

Projector stand

Glass jars (large) and/or tins for biscuits (to offer with coffee, not for me to eat…ahem…)

Cake plates with clear dome covers (as above…)

Cutlery – especially teaspoons

Crockery – bowls, plates, we have all sorts of uses for such things! And we love mismatched things.

Water filter jug (Brita)

Postage scales (we’re now starting to sell things on eBay)

Dishwasher (and someone to plumb it in!) – not sure if this is possible, but there is a space in the kitchen – I have no understanding of plumbing.


Services we need – we can pay people in books or event tickets!:

Putting up a shelf into concrete wall (a very groovy shelf), and maybe a couple of shelves in the office (we have the shelves)

Removing a strip light from ceiling, replacing spotlights

Someone to clean my house!!  (haha…)


Things we need funds for:


Carrier bags

Business cards

Piano tuner (we have a piano tuner, just need to be able to pay him!)


Mainly, though, we hope people will keep spreading the word.  The revenue will grow, I am sure – it’s pretty healthy, but we really need to take half as much again each week as we currently do – twice as much if I am to take a wage, which eventually I would like to do, as it’s hard to earn money elsewhere and keep doing this.

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