First anniversary

I saw this sign and had to apply...

I saw this sign and had to apply…

Today is the first anniversary of the date on which I took over the premises at Abbey End.  We opened about six weeks later.  So much has happened in the last year…not all of it good, but it’s been an extraordinary year.

We are having a social on Friday evening – we had one recently, and it was a great success, so we are having another one.  If you are at a loose end, just turn up with a bottle of something, maybe some snacks, and £2 as a donation to Tree House funds – just a chance to meet new people (and ones some of you will already know!) and have a drink and a chat in comfortable surroundings, a civilised alternative to the pub.  You may be watching football, of course – Spain v Holland at 8pm, I think – and I can’t promise a football-free zone (must remember to get bunting…), but if you’re not into football, come and socialise at the Tree House, and celebrate one year of having an indoor home (it was a great relief after a few weeks on Kenilworth market!).

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