Bank holiday opening and half term

tree house windowWe will be open today – we’re not usually open on Mondays, but as I was planning to go in and do various bits and pieces, we might as well open the doors!  So if you are out and about, do call in.

All through half term we have a buy-one-get-one-free offer on all children’s books.  So if you are looking for an inexpensive activity for the children this week, come and visit our children’s section.  There is paper and crayons for anyone who wants to draw pictures, you can read on the comfy chairs, or older children can be left to browse while you have a cup of tea.  The books are cheaply priced as it is, so children can come and spend their pocket money, or you can stock up on bedtime reading for little ones!

Many thanks to Karen Heap who tidied the children’s area and took these photos.  I don’t expect it to stay this tidy for long, of course!


1 thought on “Bank holiday opening and half term

  1. Was in two minds about opening up today, but it’s been a surprisingly good morning! People drinking coffee and chatting, small children buying books, big people buying books, it’s all good!


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