Nick Drake event: the Strange Face project

Strange Face

Nick Drake is, for my money (not that I have much, but don’t let that get in the way of a good story!), the greatest singer/songwriter Britain has produced.  He left only three albums when he died tragically young in 1974, at the age of 26, but those three albums are all sublime, and part of the tragedy is the loss of all the music we might have had.  To top it all, he was a Warwickshire boy – born in Burma but brought up in Tanworth-in-Arden, where he is buried.

He sold very few records in his lifetime, but since then has become something of a cult figure, admired by musicians and listeners alike, the world over.  If you don’t know his music, do explore on youtube – my own favourite is probably Day Is Done, if you need a place to start, my favourite album Five Leaves Left, but start anywhere.


Michael Burdett is a composer who once worked for Nick Drake’s record company, and owns an unreleased recording by Nick Drake.  He decided to take the recording around the country and play it to 200 people, photograph them listening to it, and record their reactions in a book.  He shared the track with all sorts of people, famous and uncelebrated, and the results were often unexpected and profound.

Ahead of a tour of dates around the country, including the Edinburgh Festival, Michael is coming to the Tree House on Friday 2 May to talk about the project.  He contacted the Tree House, having seen us retweeting the Strange Face posts on Twitter, and a beautiful relationship has developed!  We are thrilled to be hosting this event, and even more excited to be the first to be doing so.

Surely a must for Nick Drake fans, and for anyone interested in popular music and the power of music in our personal lives and as a tool for connecting people.  Michael is a warm, funny, engaging speaker with a passion for Nick Drake’s music – I think it will be a fab evening!  Do spread the word and of course come along yourselves.

Friday 2 May, 8pm, tickets £7.

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