Cowboy invasion!

We have been invaded by cowboys…the injuns can’t be far behind…I always liked the Indians better anyway, mainly because they were better looking, and a bit dangerous.  Oo-er. We’ve had a donation of probably a couple of hundred cowboy novels – fabulous!  I’m sure there’s a good market for them.  Some series and some classics.Continue reading “Cowboy invasion!”

Elizabethan lady at Kenilworth market today!

    Come and say hello to Vicki, who is at Kenilworth Market promoting our Shakespeare Festival in Elizabethan dress (which she made herself!).  Vicki has done most of the organising of the festival, and her hard work is not always carried out in authentic costume, but is always accompanied by a smile. You canContinue reading “Elizabethan lady at Kenilworth market today!”

Wes Finch

The lovely Wes Finch came to the Tree House on Saturday morning to record a song video, and here is the result.  Rob of Redwood Photography filmed it, Michael McEntee of the Big Comfy Bookshop (soon to be opening in the new Fargo Village development in Coventry) arranged it all and did the interview, andContinue reading “Wes Finch”

Nick Drake event: the Strange Face project

Nick Drake is, for my money (not that I have much, but don’t let that get in the way of a good story!), the greatest singer/songwriter Britain has produced.  He left only three albums when he died tragically young in 1974, at the age of 26, but those three albums are all sublime, and partContinue reading “Nick Drake event: the Strange Face project”

Leaflet drop

We are looking for people who would be willing to collect some flyers from the shop and push them through letterboxes in Kenilworth.  If anyone is willing to do this for their own street, do get in touch or call into the shop.  We are highlighting the Shakespeare Festival, as well as trying to getContinue reading “Leaflet drop”

Survival of the Tree House

We have some wonderful events coming up in the next month at the Tree House – but no one is booking up to come to them.  This is worrying, as without a good response to our events, the Tree House won’t see its first birthday at the end of July. We have live music fromContinue reading “Survival of the Tree House”

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