Slight change of plan – and more art history!

Gill Sans poster (2)As ever, my barely existent decision-making skills mean that I have changed my plans slightly from my previous post.  We will still have our literary discussion group, but on a Friday rather than Thursdays, and they will alternate with any music events that we have on Friday evenings.

Thursdays will now be reserved for art history lectures.  I gave some daytime ones before Christmas, which were very successful, and am starting another daytime series on Monday 24th February at 11am – see the Events tab for more details.  I will then start evening lectures on Thursday 27th February, repeating the lectures I gave last term, on German Renaissance art.

This evening we will just be staying open until 9pm.  Nothing is happening, just the shop open, I’ll be pottering around shelving books and doing things, the urn will be on, so if you fancy a civilised place to spend an hour reading or working (we have free wifi), or even to buy a book (radical!), do drop in.  This will happen next week too, and then from the following Thursday we will have lectures, starting at 8pm.

More soon, about regular volunteer slots, children’s bookstall for half term and more…

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