Flooded…with books!

tree house windowThe donations of books are coming in thick and fast, which is marvellous – but I have absolutely no chance of getting on top of it all, as a customer obliquely pointed out this morning!  And I’m very behind with the accounts.

If anyone would like to come and help sort books, feel free.  It would be a huge help if you know about books and can sort them unsupervised – any ex-booksellers or ex-library workers, or even current ones of course, would be extremely welcome!  Even if you can just spare an hour, we could make good inroads.  The more the merrier – it is quite fun when a group of people get together to sort and tidy things!

Many thanks to all those who donate books to us – it’s incredible how much stock we have been given, a lot of good stock too, and I really don’t mean to sound ungrateful.  It makes it even more deeply a community venture.


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