The Legend of Everwinter

christmas tree logoTara Behan and Matthew Hill, author and illustrator respectively of new children’s book The Legend of Everwinter, graced the Tree House with their presence on Saturday afternoon.  Sadly there were no children in attendance, apart from a month-old baby who slept through most of it!  But we adults who were there thoroughly enjoyed hearing Tara read the book and then hearing both of them talk about the creation of their first publication.  I found Matthew’s discussion of creating the illustrations particularly illuminating (no pun intended, but it’s a nice one!).  He is a hugely talented artist, and it has really added something to my appreciation of his illustrations to hear about the process of creating, refining and ultimately finding the right style for the story, as well as the technical aspect of creating and digitising the drawings.  It’s a lovely book, and it was a sheer delight to have these two very lovely young people sharing it at the Tree House.  We have a few copies in stock, so do come and have a look – lovely Christmas presents, a beautiful book to read with younger children and for slightly older children to read for themselves.  But as Matthew and Tara said, the story and the illustrations (which each take up a whole page, opposite the text) both complement each other and also provide their own story – you can just follow the pictures, or follow the words, or let both interact.

Tara and Matthew

We also had another fine outing of the Sunday afternoon film club yesterday, watching It’s a Wonderful Life – I now feel that Christmas has started!  We will be refining the whole process of showing and watching films as time goes on and as we accumulate more funds – it’s all fairly basic at the moment, but works very well nevertheless.  We need a few more comfortable chairs, I think, and some blackout curtains, though while it still gets dark fairly early the latter is not too much of a problem – and the projected image is very good.  Next Sunday afternoon film will be on 29th December (no film next week) and then on Thursday 2 January we will start our weekly evening films – rather more adult, eclectic films, with all sorts of plans for themed months and director’s seasons and the like.  Please do email if you would like more information about the film club.

Last but certainly not least – we have an evening of mince pies and other festive treats with a few carols on Friday 20 December from 7.30pm.  I am thrilled that Will and Nicky Pound have offered to come and play for us – some of you will remember the wonderful evening back in August when they came and performed as Haddo.  For those who do not yet know them, they are professional musicians, playing folk music and some of their own compositions – Will plays melodeon (and is a world-class harmonica player) and Nicky plays viola, and they are just fabulous.  Exciting – please come!  No charge, though donations to help support the Tree House in its infancy will be very welcome.


The Tree House will have been open for five months on Boxing Day, and after a few wobbles is going well – something to add to the celebrations this Christmas!

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