The Tree House Second-hand Bookshop


Christmas Day is four weeks today.  I haven’t had a chance to think about my own Christmas preparations yet, but am starting to work on making the Tree House a bit more Christmassy.  We now have a few books in the window, and a table with some Christmas gift ideas.  I am also gathering together what we have in the way of Christmas-related books and music.

Tomorrow I am in London (to see Bob Dylan – too exciting!), but a friend is opening the shop for me, and is bringing a Christmas tree – also very, very exciting!  The tree is my favourite thing about Christmas.

We will also be opening late on Friday for the Christmas lights switch-on in Warwick Road, and I’m hoping to offer mulled apple juice (no alcohol licence – but this is very delicious!).  Do call in and see if there is some Christmas reading to grab your attention, or some Christmas gifts for others among the books and CDs.  You could also buy a Tree House gift voucher for someone, for any amount of your choice!

A small assortment of Christmassy reads and a bit of music.

A few ideas for Christmas gifts – second-hand but in excellent condition.