The Tree House Film Club relaunched!


Before I secured the current premises for the Tree House, I attempted to set up a film club – a few of you came along, and it was lovely but in the end too poorly attended to justify the costs of hiring the venue.  Now that we have our own venue, I have been longing to relaunch the film club – and now it’s happening!  Thanks to some good friends, we now have screen, projector, speakers, DVDs and all we need to get started.  The equipment and set-up will be refined in due course, but for now we have a good enough system to entice you to come and watch films on our comfy sofas (if you get there early enough!) and in the environment of the Tree House.

To comply with the licence, we need to be a club, and anyone who comes will need to join the club in order to watch films – otherwise the licence is prohibitively expensive.  The joining fee will be £5 a year, and films will then be £3 a time to members; money raised will both support the Tree House generally and go towards saving up to refine the screening environment!

We are launching the club initially as a Sunday afternoon venture – tea, cake and an old-fashioned film.  We would love you to bring along cake to share!  The first film will be the wonderful Hitchcock classic North by Northwest.  Tea, cake and Cary Grant on a dark, cold Sunday afternoon – who could resist?

I am very grateful for the support for this part of the venture being given by Coventry filmmakers Anti/Type Films and Paperbird Productions – good friends of the Tree House!

Sunday 8th December, 3pm at the Tree House.  £5 to join, includes the first film.

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