The Tree House needs your help!

tree house windowThe other day I posted about how lovely it is to know that lots of people like the Tree House.  I do want to focus on that – but the purpose of that post was really to highlight the fact that we need to increase revenue.

I do believe the Tree House is on the brink of great things, but we just need a bit more financial help to get us through this period where we are on the verge of making a profit but not quite there, and therefore continuing to deplete our now meagre resources.

So if you think the Tree House is a Good Thing, what can you do to help?  At Nifty Needles, our weekly stitching group, last night people were asking this.  I know that few can afford to give much money, but there are small things that can help.

Donate £1 – either in the shop or by bank transfer.  If everyone in the town gave £1 to help what many see as a community asset, we would be safe!

Come to an event.  There are various kinds of event on offer, including live music, art history talks, a weekly Tai Chi class, a speed dating event, and before long hopefully regular films.  More besides!

Spread the word – a lot of people are only just discovering we are here, which means a lot more have not yet discovered us.  We should soon have a sign in place to cover the Job Centre sign which will help, and the Kenilworth Weekly News has done a great job of publishing things about us, but word of mouth remains the most effective form of publicity.  Put up posters at work (I can email things to you) and in your kitchen, tell your friends and neighbours.

Consider organising a fundraising event for the Tree House.

Donate a Christmas decoration to hang in the window, or on the tree we will be having – this will also help to attract the attention of passers by!

Donate a ream (or a wodge!) of printer paper so that we can print off lots of flyers.  I have volunteers who will hand them out around the town.

If you need a room for a one-off meeting or as a regular space, consider one of our upstairs rooms – prices available in the separate tab on this site.

I am thinking of other ideas, but the key thing to remember is that every small donation helps.  Thank you in advance!

In the meantime I will continue doing what I’m doing – booksales are going very well, and interest in the venture is always growing, so I will keep developing ideas for how we can use the space and improve it.  It’s all great, and hopefully we will keep getting stronger, but we’ve just reached a point where we need a bit of a boost to take us into the new year.

1 thought on “The Tree House needs your help!

  1. And of course what happens? Without having seen this, lots of people come into the shop, buy lots of books, buy lots of tea, bring donations of quality books, and generally create an air of positivity! Marvellous.


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