It was a dark and stormy night…

tree house windowIt’s cold at the Tree House, there is no denying it.  Those of you who have visited in the last few days won’t need to be told!  I mentioned it in a recent blog post, and the problems with an ancient boiler and potentially expensive servicing and rebooting.  (I know that’s what you do to computers not boilers, but I have no knowledge of the correct vocabulary when it comes to heating systems.)

But it’s cold at the Tree House, so I am trying to get someone to come and sort out the boiler.  It’s never going to be a sauna in here, but I hope we can make it a bit cosier for those dark nights listening to live music, doing Tai Chi, knitting or sewing, watching films…

Yes, watching films!  I keep saying it, but the relaunch of the Tree House Film Club is getting closer.  I should know more by the weekend – will keep you posted!

If any rich person out there feels like investing in our wonderful corner of civilisation and would like to help in any way, or would like to sponsor our heating repairs, I’d love to hear from you!  Always worth asking.  I was 50 last weekend, and I’m getting cheekier in my old age.

Stay warm.  Come and buy a book to curl up with on the snowy evenings we keep being promised.  Push the boat out and buy two, in case you get housebound!

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