The Wild Hunt

wild huntThis Thursday, 21 November, there is to be a very exciting evening of live music at the Wild Boar in Warwick.  It’s been put together by a new organisation, the Wild Hunt, who decided to do some fundraising for the Woodland Trust; they received so many offers from folk musicians, both local and from further afield, that they have put together a live gig at the Wild Boar and produced a double CD of 32 tracks.  They have decided to raise £1000 to buy the protection of an acre of woodland in the Midlands, in collaboration with the Woodland Trust.

This is very exciting for the Tree House.  You may remember an early post here in which I elaborated on my love of trees, which I find the most wonderful things on the planet, and the cause of saving woodland is very close to my heart.  The name the Tree House grew out of my determination to get trees into the name for my own venture.

So I have decided that when we do finally start making profits, we will support the Wild Hunt.  I have so far said that profits will go to local charities, but I have decided to make the Wild Hunt the chief recipient of whatever profits we make, and the Tree House will exist in part to support them and to help protect our woodland.  I will organise other fundraising events from time to time to support other local charities, but the profits from the business will go to support this fabulous venture.

I hope to host an event at the Tree House in the new year specifically to raise awareness and funds for the Wild Hunt – an evening of storytelling and poetry, I hope, even some unaccompanied singing perhaps – all a bit sketchy at the moment, but should be a fabulous evening.  I’ll keep you posted!

In the meantime, do consider supporting the Wild Hunt – come to the Wild Boar in Warwick on Thursday, or buy the CD, or simply donate via their website.  We need to preserve our woodland!

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