Coffee and cake

tree house windowIf you call into the shop today, there is coffee and cake.  It’s a do-it-yourself operation…coffee in thermos jugs, just help yourself.  Am suggesting a donation of 50p for coffee and £1 for coffee and cake, but it’s on an honesty basis, just a means of encouraging people in and making the place a bit more homely!

The cake is heavenly – it’s from the wonderful Crustum bakery in Priory Road, and there is a choice of chocolate and almond or apple and almond – apologies to those who can’t eat nuts!  Both are made with ground almonds.  There may be other nut-free cake arriving later!

So come and have a cup of coffee and a browse around the books, you never know what you might find on the shelves (though hopefully you will only find books!).  The little art gallery is now open upstairs too – with some book sculptures and one or two other things on display in the shop space, and cards by the artists on sale too.

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