Haiku workshop – 12 November

haikuWe’ve had music, we have art, the next thing we have is poetry – a workshop next Tuesday, 12 November, at 8pm, with poet Gwyneth Box on haiku, or its English equivalent (there is apparently no exact possible equivalent in English of the Japanese forms, something Gwyneth will talk about at the workshop!).  She will talk about the haiku form and open this up for discussion, and you will be encouraged to write your own haiku, and share it if you wish – but only if you wish.  This should be a lovely evening, whether you are an experienced writer or a complete novice, and I hope lots of people will take advantage of the opportunity – it would be helpful if you could sign up in advance if you are planning to come (you can pay on the night, but a list of names and an idea of numbers would be great).  Email me or use the contact form below.

You can find out more on our Facebook page (open to all to view, even if you are not on Facebook) or ask me to email you the flyer.

Cost is just £5, which includes non-alcoholic refreshments.

One thought on “Haiku workshop – 12 November

  1. don't confuse the narrator November 4, 2013 / 15:28

    Oops! I just sent an email, not a comment.
    Just wanted to say that the Tree House is a great venue and I’m looking forward to the workshop. Hope we have lots of people there, whether they sign up in advance or not.



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