The Tree House micro gallery

tree house windowThere is an exciting new development at the Tree House: Warwickshire artist Pete Wiseman is setting up a micro gallery of his paintings in one of the upstairs rooms, and probably displaying some more paintings in the shop space itself.  He and a friend are currently painting walls and installing pictures, and this coming Saturday, 2 November, we are having a late opening to launch the gallery.  Whether it will be finished or still a work in progress remains to be seen, but they are working hard to get it ready, and there will certainly be some of Pete’s art on the walls to enjoy and cards of his paintings to buy, as well as a chance to browse in the bookshop and buy a cup of hot chocolate.

So if you don’t fancy the crowds at the fireworks display at the castle, the Tree House can offer you a civilised alternative.  Or call in on your way back!  It will be fab to have some art on display, and if you like his paintings you can commission your own – portraits are one of the things Pete specialises in.

Just don’t try playing the piano – it still sounds dreadful.  Hoping to get a tuner out to give it some TLC soon!

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