Bits and pieces

tree house windowFirst of all, I apologise that the bookshop was closed today until 3 o’clock – the same will apply next Thursday too (31st), but we may stay open later next Thursday playing MR James ghost stories in the shop as an antidote to the more commercial side of Halloween…

After that, we will be back to normal, as I am in the process of giving up my paid employment.  I am scaling back initially, but come the New Year I will be able to give the shop my undivided attention, except for a few Tuesdays in the spring when I will be teaching in Oxford.  As it is, I am juggling the shop with a job at Warwick University library and both face to face and online tutoring at Oxford, so it’s all a bit fraught trying to keep the shop open, and the library job is the one that will go.

The shop is doing well, but unless the wonderful enthusiasm I constantly receive from customers translates into greater spending power, it won’t survive.  The programme of events is growing all the time, though I am still struggling to get those cinema speakers wired in!  Don’t know why it’s proving so hard to get this done.  But heartfelt thanks to all who have supported and continue to support the shop and the project so generously!  Keep spreading the word.

On a brighter note, Warwickshire artist Pete Wiseman is setting up a micro gallery in one of our upstairs rooms – will keep you informed about that – he is up there painting the walls as I type!

If anyone feels up to handing out flyers in the town centre on a Saturday morning, I’d love to hear from you.  I am away this Saturday, but can leave some for anyone who could do this!

Do look at our events page, as things are being added all the time.  And if you need a small meeting room in central Kenilworth, do get in touch.

Oh, and the piano is in…but sounds just dreadful!  I am hoping it can be tuned (any piano tuners out there please feel free to get in touch!), but for the moment at least it looks lovely.

Mishmash of a blog post, but it’s a mishmash of a venture at the moment!

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