Children – draw a treehouse for the Tree House in half-term!

tree house windowLooking for something to do with your children during half term?  The Tree House will be having a drawing competition for children on Wednesday 30th October.  I would love children of all ages to come and draw a picture of a treehouse – all the drawings will be put up on the wall in the children’s area in the shop, and there will be prizes for the best.  Two age categories – 8 and under, and 9 and over – and there will be two prizes in each category.  I’m hoping to get a local artist to be head judge!

We will have paper, crayons and pencils, so bring your children and grandchildren along anytime between 10am and 4pm.  Children can make their pictures at home if they prefer and bring them in on the day,

Don’t forget to write name, age and contact details (phone or email) on the back.

Looking forward to lots of creativity at the Tree House!


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