A few odd jobs…

Gill Sans poster (2)Those of you who are old enough and went to Kenilworth Grammar School will remember our Latin teacher, Mr Chapman, who was nicknamed Oddjob because of his physical resemblance to the James Bond character.  Those of my generation will remember the headmaster, Mr Farrell, in an end of year assembly telling us that there were a few odd jobs to be done, and the guffaws of laughter with which this was met.  Sorry for the seemingly irrelevent reminiscence…I am getting old.  But – at the Tree House, there are a few odd jobs to be done!  And I couldn’t help but be reminded of that long-ago incident.

I would love any help that anyone is able to give with the following – these are in order of urgency:

  • Putting together some boltless shelving
  • Fixing a couple of bookcases to the wall (one will need a drill that can cope with solid concrete)
  • Painting walls in the upstairs rooms, and one big wall in the main shop
  • Help any afternoon (Weds-Sat) with washing up cups and coffee pots, any time between 3pm and 5pm

Cake and books can be offered as payment.  How can you resist?



7 thoughts on “A few odd jobs…

  1. I shall ask hubby if he can help out with the first two on Wednesday evening and I can do the washing up on my Saturday afternoons, will let you know about Weds


  2. I’m up for some painting. I’m no expert but can use a roller/paint brush if it’s just a case of slapping some paint on!

    And I enjoy your reminiscing/rambles, so don’t apologise for them 🙂


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