Gill Sans poster (2)The shop will be open today, but I won’t be there until around 2.30-2.45.  Rosemary, who will be holding the fort until then, will be on her own for the first time – so if anyone is around and can give her a bit of moral support, that would be fab!  I have another (paid!) job on a Thursday during the university term time, so for the next few weeks any offers of an hour or two to help keep the shop open on Thursdays would be gratefully received.  It’s market day in town, so not the best day to close the shop.

And while I’m here – don’t forget that we now have two meeting rooms to rent out, both of which can hold small groups of people, with a kitchen adjacent, and the shop space can be hired for evening events – all at reasonable rates.  The central location and being right next to the car park make it a good venue!

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