Saturday 26th October

nickwarrenSeveral months ago, when the Tree House was still an unnamed idea slowly being developed by me and a friend, and before I knew it would even be a reality let alone that I would by now have premises – I booked tickets to see one of my great idols, Nick Cave, as a treat to myself for my 50th birthday, which will occur a couple of weeks after the concert.  The concert is on Saturday 26th October in London, and I am determined to go – I have never seen Nick and his Bad Seeds live (me, Nick and Warren Ellis in the same physical space…omigod!), and after Bob Dylan he means more to me than anyone else outside family and close friends…

My problem is that Saturday is by far the busiest day in the bookshop, and losing a day’s trading will be a major blow to the shop’s precarious financial situation.  So I am wondering if there are any of you out there who might be prepared to help keep the shop open on that day.  You wouldn’t need to do all day, but if anyone could offer an hour or two to cover even just the afternoon (it’s busier in the afternoon than the morning) that would be wonderful.

I can pay you in books!

I also still need volunteers for Thursdays, to avoid having to close the shop another day on a weekly basis – so again, if anyone can help at all, I’d be very grateful to hear from you.

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