The kettle is on!

Gill Sans poster (2)Well, finally there is tea and coffee on offer again at the Tree House.  The verdict so far is that the coffee is excellent!  No one has tried tea yet.

The coffee is made with beans freshly ground in the shop; there is decaffeinated coffee on offer, but that is ready-ground.  Tea is ‘ordinary’ or Early Grey.  Both are served in cafetières, £1.50 for a small one, £3 for a large one.  There is also herbal tea at £1 a cup.  I am in talks with a local baker to supply cake – will let you know when that is available!

So if you fancy a cup of good coffee, and a sofa to sit on while you drink it, and a plentiful supply of books to browse with your coffee, and free wifi…the Tree House Bookshop is the place to come.

2 thoughts on “The kettle is on!

  1. Victoria,
    I really enjoyed my visit to The Tree House Bookshop today. I am looking forward to trying out some of the recipes in the ‘Homemade Muffins’ book that I bought, some of the recipes are quite unusual, ones that I have not come across before. The coffee was fabulous too,and such a great idea, especially for visitors like me who just fancy a browse!


    • Thanks Karen! Glad the coffee was good, and glad you found the muffin book. I hope the coffee will encourage people to linger and browse, and use the place as a reading room as well as a shop.


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